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Located in Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada's Pacific coast, we've made our reputation by providing experienced freelance documentary camera teams for television production. We put together professional crews for broadcast, educational and corporate projects. We're based in Vancouver and available to travel anywhere in Western Canada, the U.S.A. and abroad.

Our teams are made up of seasoned pros with over twenty years of network newsmagazine experience who have  "been there .... and done that". Take advantage of our local knowledge (contacts, locations, history and politics).

We feature Sony XDCam F800, PXW FS7 and PDW F5/55 camera packages and are fully equipped for documentary/EFP field production for both NTSC and PAL clients.  For info on PAL production services visit PALCAM CANADA.


We are story tellers, problem solvers and solution providers. 

We strive to maximize production value and  'bang for your buck'  whatever your budget.

 Make us your  'Vancouver Connection' and we'll put together everything you need for a successful shoot.  


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+1 604 838 4048

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